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friday game day!

Hurrah, its friday!

And so to celebrate, heres an assortment of web games that I use to pass the time BETWEEN work. Not during, BETWEEN. I never play games at work. You can’t prove it. Shut up.

Oh, sorry. Heres the games (but don’t blame me if they end up eating all your day).

Dice Wars


Its like Risk, only easier to pick up and the individual games are no where near as time consuming. Then again the overall time spent playing it is probably going to end some what the same.

Heres what the people around me think of it:

I love it. It really puts the axis of evil on its back foot.

—- Jay

Damn you greens!

—- Matt

Its Hitler beating fun.

—- Aled

What!? Who are you. Go away

—- Some guy in the corridor

Suggested Listening: Dad’s Army

All in all a brilliant game. Basically it all comes down the map you choose, the first few rolls of the dice, and luck.

In the end the key to winning, exactly as it is in real war, is not to overexpand. It’ll just turn around and bite you in the ass.

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