Video Enhancement

Video Enhancement

I’ve got say it. At first I thought this was pretty cool.

Then I thought that theres almost no real use for it.

In the end I can see some limited use, but not to justify the amount of effort taken to do it. Sorry, hang on, you need to watch this first.

or watch it on vimeo.

Ok, so the gist of it is that you can use a few well placed high quality photographs to increase the resolution and dynamic range of low quality videos. Sounds great right?

Well, yes, but only when you think about the cases it uses. Basically tracking shots of static things, taken in low quality video, like the kind of video an average digital camera takes. So you then take a few still shots of the scene to boost the resolution.

Great, but just why would I do that? Almost the whole reason for taking quick videos like that is not to show a simple scene, but some action that you can’t get with a still shot.

So in review, I would give it about a B-, good effort, but honestly come on guys, not really that useful, though I don’t doubt some of the maths would be very interesting.

More on it here.

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