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sometimes its the small things

While opening an old c# project today it came up with the following error:

Refreshing the project failed. Unable to retrieve folder information from the server.

Now this is rather annoying, but after a quick google session I found the answer.

Rather simply the strange solution is this:

Delete the folder VSWebCache which is in your Documents and Settings folder.

That solved it for me – Go Internet!


Ms. Dewey

So theres search and theres search.

You may favor Google, if you’ve never used this internet thing, you may not. Regardless, you can’t say Microsoft isn’t trying. Hey, they’re version of maps is alot better for North Wales than google maps is, so no complaining.

But this post is about search. More preciesly, Ms. Dewey. What can you do with search – beyond making it more relevant, easier to use and quicker?

Well you could make it funny. And that’s exactly what Ms Dewey does. It’s powered by Microsoft Live Search so it must have had their blessing at some point.

Ms Dewey

There are definitely some funny responses to find. For instances “shooting” brings up a raft of different senarios with guns as props and theres even some google bashing to be had.

If your interested, and I’m certain I have no idea why you possible could be, but the actresses name is Janina Gavankar. If you search for that on Ms Dewey you get a lovely little speech about how great she is. Funny stuff.

Janina Gavankar

hello the internet!

Hmm. I’m looking for some code. I could use Krugle but that would mean navigating away from this page and thats a real hassle. If only i could use the firefox search bar to search Krugle for me. Oh well. It doesn’t look like thats possible. Theres no extensions to do that.

But wait.

Fret no more. Phil Roche, programmer extrodinare, Irish guy, and proud owner of a very heavy duty laptop stand (and co-worker) has written a plugin for firefox. That busy little man. He even got a post on the Krugle blog for his troubles. (And rather suspiciously also just completed and external audit for them and got a $50 amazon voucher – bribing maybe?)

So if you want to read his original post, you can get it here. But don’t let him bask in it too much. Hes enjoying the extra traffic a little too much as it is.


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