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blue mug

Isn’t tea just great?


Oh go on then, if you’re making one.
So, what have you been up to?


Really? 6ft and blue you say? Wow. That’s just amazing. And unexpected.
I’ve been busy too. New work, new laptop, new kitchen, new favorite mug. This mug’s a slightly darker shade of blue, fits about 24% more brew, and the handle is slightly larger for a firmer and more satisfying grip.

Oh and I’ve been drawing. Just doodles really, but some of them are ok.

There’s more but hey, I’m not a walking internet gallery. Get your own badly scanned drawings and keep you’re cursor off mine.

But where’s that tea you were talking about? Mine’s the dark blue mug.

hourly comics

Hey, comics are great right?

Well how about a comic every hour. I know. What a great idea.

Heres today’s hourly comics.





Seriously a comic every hour you’re awake for the whole month of january. How good is that?

Check them all out at suitablyamused.com


From the look of these shots, the new Watchmen movie is going to be brilliant. And I mean that in the most fully sense of the word. Yes, the movie won’t have the depth of the book, but my word, it looks like its just been pulled off the page.

If you havn’t read Watchmen yet I can’t recommend it enough. If you really ask nice I’ll even lend you my copy.

watch-1317 select

Its got everything, right down to the posters on the news stand behind the comic book fan.

WMD-21550 select


WMD-22648 select


WMD-22669 select

I love the way each shot seems full of detail, just like the novel, enough so that you can spend ages just noticing tiny details. Anyway, long story short, buy the book now before the movie comes out.

this was a triumph


See here for the rather talented creator. (Thanks Matt for the link)


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