pretty sweet internet, pretty sweet

pretty sweet internet, pretty sweet


One of the problems with all this computer lark is how fast things go out of date. Take for instance Firefox. With the amount of extensions I use almost every time I start up there is a slew of update to my extensions. I like this. This is good. It keeps things up to date, and running smoothly.

What I don’t like is things that don’t automatically update, or at least don’t give me the opportunity to do it automatically. “A newer version of this software is available”. Fine, but don’t make ME go and get it.

But here’s a solution. A nifty little program from File Hippo, imaginatively called Update Checker.

Its a tiny little program that you can get here. It just quickly runs through everything installed on your system and checks them against the most recent versions. If it finds any it displays them in a browser window with links to the updates. It even does beta updates if you happen to be that way inclined.

How lovely. While its not a thing I would use on a daily basis, maybe scheduling it to run every week or so would be quite nice. If you find it of use let me know. (On my first run I had 20 updates – beat that)