Google Checkout in the UK

Google Checkout in the UK

After running successfully in the US for a number of months Google Checkout has now been opened up to UK sellers. While examining the system with a view to integrate it with the Karova Store e-commerce framework I ran up this overview of the features, the good points, the bad and the everything else.

Its only a very high level overview, but if you’re interested in it and want to quickly get an idea of what Google Checkout is and what it can do you can find it here.

If you don’t feel like reading it, I’ll sum it up. It’s good. And the engineer’s have clearly been working hard to aid easy integration from a developers standpoint. The api’s all seem very well rounded and intuitive, so much so I’m actually looking forward to getting some time free to work on the full integration with Karova Store 2.x.

Read Integrating Karova Store with Google Checkout.

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