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animation station redux!

a long while ago i posted on an animation that i found on youtube.

Seriously somebody must of been reading and thought it hilarious, because no less than half an hour later the video was taken off youtube, and i’ve been unable to find the same thing elsewhere.

Until now.

While working hard i stumbled upon this. The exact same video but on google video. Huzzah!

So now, if you missed it first time, here is the animation i wanted to show you nearly 6 months ago.

Candy Mountain!

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!!!


Eleven saints

This song if from the accordion-aficionado Jason Webley, watch it through and by the end you’ll be singing along. Rather unusual to find a video like this that looks like it was actually made by cutting out bits of paper/(I don’t know – it might be in flash but i don’t think so).

If you really like the song, you can even download it. Now isn’t that nice.

GO – Jason Webley – Eleven Saints.

animation station

so, not much work is getting done at this exact period in time. As a small break between the relentless hours of hardcore coding, heres a lovely animation to get your teeth into. Its called miniscule and apparently its the pilot for a series begin made for the discovery channel.

I hope the rest of the series lives up to the quality of the first episode.