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I just ate a peach!

It was juicy.

If you only watch one video today, try and make it this one.

Mainly because it’s a great idea, but also because you have to admit that Lionel Richie is the King of Music.

lionel richie before

The King I say.

This has to be one of the most honest reviews I’ve ever read.

Paris Hilton review by the Guardian

Its for Paris Hilton’s new album and I have to say that it encapsulates everything that should be in a review.

Go on. Read it. You’ll thank me.

This may be perhaps the funniest comic I’ve seen. At least today. And yesterday.

Its a cat drawing!

I don’t claim ownership, and was at no point involved in the creative process but if you sort of tilt your head to the side and squint a bit I’d like to imagine this is the kind of comic I would write. But it isn’t.

I didn’t write it. OR DID I?

No I didn’t.

Click it.

300 is an excellent film and living as we do in such an inclusive age, the film studio has made a pg version of the film for the younger viewer. So go ahead and watch the trailer for it. It certainly looks … enjoyable.

I suggest any body that likes audio/visual entertainment watch this video. It seems like ages ago when Microsoft touted their Windows Media Center Edition as the next big thing for the home. Wow, yes. That really revolutionized the way I watch TV. But this does look more promising. Its an add-on to Ubuntu called LinuxMCE, it does a huge amount more than the original Media Center did and looks more slick and open ended.

If I can find a spare day or two I might just look at setting it all up in my house. If I ever do get around to doing it I’ll let you know if it lives up to the video.

Watch this and tell me you didn’t laugh. If you didn’t then you clearly have to no sense of humor. Unlike me. I have a sense of humor and recognized this as funny. YEAH!

while working feverishly today I stubled across these gems on youtube. Its a lovely little promo video made by Microsoft for Windows 95. You can watch them here, here, here and here. You know its bad when they have a character called “joystick johnny” playing pinball to show off their OS. Underwhelms me in much the same way as the Vista promos.

(On a side note – Ive got my asides working -yeah – perfect for these kind of posts that don’t really warrant a full post)

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